You can benefit greatly from having a professional marine department on your film, commercial project, water-based or water-supported operation.
  Like a professional camera operator, stunt coordinator, UPM, or ship's agent, we know our job well and you get no surprises.
We bring years of commercial maritime industry experience and tailor it to service your marine operation or filming needs.
Let us provide you with the accurate information and services you need in order to plan, budget and execute your project successfully.
We can provide the following services in a competent, professional and cost effective manner.

Marine Consultants/Script Analysis

  • Capable and available to participate and provide scouting and logistical support to assist in a realistic approach to location choices and budget analysis.
  • Detailed breakdown of equipment and personnel requirements for accomplishing principal and secondary photography for both water based and water supported films, commercials and television productions.
  • Topographical, tidal and weather information on locations around the world.
  • Marine Team can locate vessels for charter / hire worldwide to meet your needs including on/hire off/hire surveys and specialized crews.
  • The supervision and involvement in design, construction and modifications of vessels, marine sets and support equipment.
  • Realistic and practical approach to any marine related problem.

Personnel Acquisition

  • Large number of very skilled and experienced personnel capable of traveling worldwide.
  • Personnel include: administrators, coordinators, boat drivers, sailors, divers, safety personnel, engineers, electricians, fabrication / construction specialists, marine technicians, ship’s rigging – historical and modern, riggers, salvage / mooring personnel, shipbuilders / yard crew, shipwrights, unit liaison staff, crane operators etc.
  • All personnel are fully certified with marine background and possess practical film experience.
  • All personnel are environmentally and culturally conscious with a deep respect to sea life, coral reefs and fuel and pollution prevention and containment. We take great care to leave an area in exactly or better condition than we found it.

Budget Generation

  • Detailed budget of personnel requirements and working time duration for them.
  • Detailed budget of equipment and supplies required for the job including flexible cost projections.


  • Marine Team has the ability to participate in scouts to provide worthwhile and valuable information for the final decisions made regarding locations for any project.


  • A meaningful part of ensuring that there is a correct infrastructure for finding the right equipment and personnel is all part of what Marine Team provides for an efficient film or commercial requirement.


  • Full pre-production scouting and advising capability.
  • Full short term set up capability for any marine related operations.


  • Utilization of all above equipment and personnel with the utmost efficiency and productivity.
  • Cost effective procedures and constant budget monitoring and reporting.
  • Full open books and communications policy. We welcome discussion to justify expenditure at any time.
  • “Production Rules” attitude. We are here to serve and assist you to meet your targets. We employ all our efforts to get the shot and provide back up and assistance for every department.

Post Production

  • Efficient and cost effective salvage / cleanup operation.
  • Resale and proper disposal of all equipment in favor of production.

Working on the water poses great challenges from weather, tides, and the elements, which can be unpredictable and unforgiving. Let the experienced Marine Team personnel provide you with confidence, security, safety and success on your next water related venture.

Capt. Lance H. Julian

President - Marine Team International Inc.