Marine Team Ltd. was founded by Capt. Lance Julian in 1994 to provide professional marine consulting, project management and production services for commercial marine projects and for water related feature films, television programs, commercials, videos, documentaries, etc., worldwide.

“In 2009 we relocated Marine Team Ltd., as Marine Team International Inc., and our physical residence to Florida to better serve Marine Film / TV / Commercials. With this move we now have a presence in Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Australia, New Zealand and the Florida area. We continue to push our ability and services in all other foreign locations as we have in the past.” -Lance Julian

Marine Team Focus

The focus of Marine Team is to draw on its extensive background and experience in the international commercial maritime industry in order to safely, professionally and cost effectively provide its clients with on time, on budget and satisfactory completion of basic and logistically complex marine related projects worldwide.

Marine Team continues to grow with its ability to provide further services to the projects it undertakes, whether shore side with administration, maritime laws, vessel construction, weather changes, and shore based operations to meet the directors call with script changes or backing up the ‘on set crew’ alongside camera – ensuring that the directors get what they ask for. Adding to the company’s resume of production services and commercial maritime projects, Marine Team provides aerial and underwater setup and film support along with shore to open water pier construction to facilitate loading of personnel and equipment, no matter what the rise and fall of tides.

Marine Team Personnel

Marine Team makes full utilization of local personnel to the benefit of the Production Company or commercial marine operation for each project in each location. Marine Team’s greatest strength is our diversity which includes key crew from: United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Malta, Mexico, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Greece, Italy, England, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Namibia, France, Panama and the Amazon, Spain, and Morocco.

Each water based location has unique requirements. Whether you are on an ocean, sea, gulf, bay, lake, harbor, river, creek, pond, or production tank, we can tailor a crew to meet your particular needs.

Capt. Lance Julian
Lance Julian was born into a Maritime family business in Auckland, New Zealand. In his 20’s Lance attended Chaminade Business University in Hawaii. Lance saw an opportunity to continue to utilize the family tradition of working on the water in the film industry. Lance took a position with Universal Pictures as the Atoll Master for the film Waterworld. After successfully mastering the challenges of that film Lance decided to pursue the business side of nautical films. As a Marine Coordinator and Marine Director Lance went on to work on such films as Cutthroat Island which paved the way for future marine coordinating work on films such as The Phantom, Amistad, multi Oscar Award winning Titanic, 13 Days, Below, 6 Days 7 Nights, City of Angels, The Thomas Crown Affair, U-571, The Beach, The Thin Red Line, K-19 The Widowmaker, Fool’s Gold, Sahara, Beyond Borders, The Guardian, HBO’s The Pacific, RED, Quantum of Solace, The Hangover Part II, six seasons of CBS’ Survivor Series and has many projects coming out. When Lance’s family grew so did the business and he relocated the family's operation to historic Tin City in Naples, Florida. Wanting to make Naples a permanent home Lance and his son Harry opened up PURE FLORIDA in Naples, and Fort Myers and in between doing films they run SW Florida's premiere boat rental company.
Sharon Julian
Sharon Julian has been active with Marine Team International since its conception in 1994. As Marine Department Administration Assistant, Sharon works closely with marine crew and film production companies arranging travel, accommodation and payment for all marine department crew. As an integral part of background and land based support for her husband Lance, Sharon is a part of the day to day running of the office and maintaining records and updating documents as required for each production.
Capt. Harry Julian
Capt. Harry Julian has been with Marine Team International since 1994. His work has included everything from driving RIBs to high speed camera boats, to being Assistant Marine Coordinator to Marine Coordinator with several film productions. Harry continues to be involved with the development of budgeting for the Marine Department involvement of films and script breakdowns.
Nick Spetsiotis
Lance and Nick first worked together on “Waterworld” resulting in Nick being a part of Marine Team since its inception. Nick works as Marine Coordinator, Marine Logistics Manager and Asst. Marine Coordinator, who's responsibilities include script analysis and breakdown, budgeting, administration, cost management and reporting, risk analysis and mitigation, logistical planing and execution and on set marine production management.
Capt. Aaron McDowell
Began as Marine Shop Manager working on boats to keep them operational while in far off locations with Survivor. Aaron has proven to be a real asset with Marine Team in utilizing his trade with the construction of picture boat pieces for several films including 007 Quantum of Solace.
Tye Zinck
Tye began working with Marine Team on the set of "K-19 The Widowmaker" in 2001. Tye has worked as Assistant Marine Coordinator, Dive Supervisor and Safety Officer. Tye is also frontline on logisticalitcal operations, working crew supervision and risk assessments on a daily basis ensuring schedule and safety demands are met. Whether Tye is working with Cast or crew or setting up for the ’next shot' he feels it is important to get the job done effectively and efficiently so everyone is satisfied at the end of the day’s shoot.