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Marine Team


December 15, 1995

Dear Lance,

Many thanks for the great job you did on "The Phantom". I know "Cutthroat Island" was a good rehearsal but none the less the marine units work was extremely well-organized and efficient. As you know we picked up one day on our schedule during our water work - usually it's the other way around - time is lost when working on the water. You and I both know that there was more bullshit flying about "Waterworld" and working on the water and the studio was snowballed into believing that all their problems were caused by it. If people know about boats and the ocean -- it isn't that hard. You understand this and it paid off for us on "The Phantom".

I look forward to working with you again one day. In the meantime, have a great Christmas and New Year.

Warm Regards,

Simon Wincer