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Marine Team


Toby Pease, 1st Assistant Director 'The Pacific', 'Fool's Gold', 'The Thin Red Line', 'Titantic'

Lance and Harry,

The last week was so busy that I never stopped to even think that it was coming to an end. I honestly feel a real sadness now to leave that sequence behind. I felt like we did such justice in portraying the hell that those young boys must have gone through.

Anyway, I just wanted to put on paper how enormous my respect is for the work that you do. It was magnificent to see that fleet of landing craft surge through the water. And it was extraordinary that your team never gave up in keeping those antiquated machines running. You run such a great operation on the water - it's an absolute gift to a 1st Asst Director, because you know exactly how to make it all work for the cameras. Water work should be difficult, but you guys make it so manageable and user-friendly.

Thank you again to all your team for such a great effort. I would not dream of taking a film near the water without you.

Good luck with the Colossus shoot.