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Marine Team


Toby Pease - 1st Assistant Director 'The Pacific', 'Fool's Gold', 'The Thin Red Line', 'Titanic'
During filming of HBO's 'The Pacific', Toby Pease, a well respected 1st Assistant Director, comments about Marine Team's efforts in the re-creation of the WWII Pacific Theatre amphibious assaults and beach landings on Guadalcanal, Peleliu and Pavuvu.

Donald De Line - Producer "Fool's Gold" comments on complexities of filming on the water

Kate Hudson - Actress "Fool's Gold" talks about her first diving experience under the instruction of Marine Team Dive Crew

Harrison Ford, Actor - K-19: The Widowmaker
A few kind words on Marine Team's efforts on K-19: The Widowmaker, from Harrison Ford.

"One Man's Ocean" - Piper Magazine, Issue 12 Autumn 2001
A wonderful article, written by Sharon Keller Banks, is an indepth biography of Lance Julian, Saint Kentigern College graduate and now head of a marine logistics team for major motion pictures and commercial projects.
Click here to download the pdf article. (293 KB)

Grenda Norris, Associate Producer - National Geographic
A note of appreciation for Marine Team from National Geographic.
Click here to download the pdf file. (161 KB)

Chris Shaw - The Binnacle
One of the many Nova Scotian resources used for the film K-19, the Binnacle helped supply Marine Team with yachting equipment and accessories.
Click here to download the pdf letter. (99 KB)

Paul Deason, Co-Producer - 13 Days
Marine Team has had the pleasure of working with Paul Deason on more than one occasion, for both "Amistad" and "Thirteen Days", and it is always a pleasure.

Jonathan Mostow, Director - U571
This interview with director Jonathan Mostow goes into detail about the many factors involved in filming on the water.

Paul Deason - Amistad
Unbounded appreciation from Paul Deason, who returned to work with Marine Team for the film 13 Days.
Click here to download the pdf file (55 KB).

Simon Wincer, Director - The Phantom
Great praise on the organization and efficiency of the marine units from director Simon Wincer.

Jane Barteleme, Associate Producer - Cutthroat Island
Accolades resound from the Associate Producer of Cutthroat Productions N.V.