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Marine Team


Donald De Line - Producer "Fool's Gold" comments on complexities of filming on the water:

"I think the biggest challenge in moviemaking is filming on the water so that was a major concern. You can spend lots of time planning everything, but in the end you're at the mercy of the elements and things don't always go right. We were shooting from boat to boat, from air to boats, from land to boats…every variation you could think of. Everything has to be carefully choreographed. Luckily, we had an amazing marine coordinator named Lance Julian."

Lance Julian was responsible for gathering the flotilla of boats used in the production, including the few seen on camera, as well as the dozens more that were utilized as Camera Boats, transport boats and dive boats. One of the most important finds was the 140-foot yacht that doubled as Nigel Honeycutt's luxurious Precious Gem. The right ship was ultimately found in Fiji, and Charles Wood [Production Designer] says it fit the bill perfectly.