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Marine Team


May 10, 2000

Dear Lance,

No one knows better than I that the success of any operation is never due to the efforts of one individual, but to the combined efforts of the group. So I'm writing this letter to you, but it is rightfully to the entire Marine Team.

And seldom has the term "team" been so correctly accorded to an organization. Your group is clearly not a collection of individuals with a common goal, but rather a smoothly functioning organization of people who have worked together before and who know their roles so well that actions of several people happen as if they were one organism. The missteps avoided, the speed attained and the benefit to the production are incalculable.

So I would like to add my thanks and appreciation for such a successful conclusion to the maritime part of "Thirteen Days". On budget and ahead of schedule are always appreciated, but to have all the Director's goals so admirably met while attaining these two worthy pluses is indeed a wonderful conclusion to the Principal Photography of this film. We have ended on quite a high note, and it is largely due to the combined efforts of the Marine Team.

On a personal note I must congratulate you on your family's abilities. Surely there is a black sheep somewhere who is merely a normal human being? One who requires more than four hours sleep at night? One who would complain bitterly at spending 16hours in the cold rain on a bouncing boat and facing a wet spray? No? Ah, well…maybe it's the New Zealand water….

So thanks again to the Marine Team. "Amistad" and now "Thirteen Days" are two sets of memories I will heartily treasure.


Paul Deason