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Sharlan Julian

Sharlan McDowell

Sharlan (Julian) McDowell has been a part of Marine Team both on set and off. Her organizational and administrative skills have contributed greatly to the development of many projects that Marine Team has been a part of.

In December 2000, Sharlan achieved a Bachelor of Education Degree and is currently furthering her studies to include a Diploma in Special Education. Although her chosen profession of teaching children with special needs is demanding, the opportunity to be involved with film projects is one that she has taken up. Her attention to detail was greatly utilized on The Beach as Administration and Beach Master. In this capacity, Sharlan kept a keen watch on tides and depths, while negotiating Maya Bay on Phi Phi Li Island minute by minute for the unloading of the trees, film equipment, and personnel used on the set.

On shore, Sharlan maintains the research materials of Marine Team and provides research as required.