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While Marine Team has been involved in Film Production since "Waterworld" in 1994, its foundation is based on many years of commercial marine operations. Lance Julian, Marine Team President, and the Julian family have been involved in the ownership and management of passenger ferry services, harbor and dinner cruise operations, ship building and ship management, barge, tug and salvage operations going back generations. Some of the commercial positions that have been held by our staff include:

Capt. Lance H. Julian

2009 - President, Marine Team International Inc.

1994 Vice President / Group Manager, Hawaiian Inter - Island Towing Inc., Towboat Services and Management Inc., Uaukewai Diving and Salvage and Marine Logistics Inc. Honolulu, Hawaii.

1989-1993 Vice President, Island Navigation - Navatek Ships.

1989-1993 Operation Manager, Royal Hawaiian Cruises, Honolulu, Hawaii.

1989 General Manager, Sea Flight Cruises Ltd., Wave Piercing Catamarans

1986-1988 Joint Managing Director, Fullers Corporation Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand. Tourist Service, Sailing Vessels, Passenger Service, Car Ferries, Coach / Bus Service. Tug & Barge Service, Salvage Operations & Underwater construction.

1975-1985 Manager, J. H. Bradley Ltd., Blue Boats Ltd., Captain Cook Cruises Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand. Tow boat, Fuel Barge Services, Passenger Ferry, Tourist Services, Salvage operations, Underwater work.

1972-1974 Manager, Cook Island Shipping Company, Auckland, New Zealand. Shipping Service from New Zealand to Cook Islands.

Sharon K. Julian

Sharon has had a long time association with the maritime business interests that form the basis of Marine Team Limited and now Marine Team International Inc. Her involvement with the tow and salvage operations, passenger ferry services, harbor and dinner cruises and variety of tour operations, include sales, administration, and promotion. With the evolution of Marine Team, Sharon has worked alongside Lance in the commitment that is the backbone of that company - integrity, safety and respect of the working environment on the water.

Capt. Harry L.H. Julian Sr.

Capt. Lance H. Julian's commercial marine experience is further augmented by the commercial marine experience of his father, Capt. Harry L.H. Julian Sr.

President, Auckland Scow & Tug Boat Owners Association

Elected member & Chairman, Auckland Harbor Board

Appointed Chairman by New Zealand Government of Shipping Corporation of New Zealand Ltd.

Chairman of Pacific Forum Shipping Line. Company owned by14 Pacific Island Nations.

Principal Marine Contractor & Marine Consultant to Cleveland Bridge & Dorman Long 1954 to 1959, Auckland Harbor Bridge Construction Project.

Marine Consultant to Pacific Ferries Ltd. and Pacific Towing Ltd.

Chairman, Auckland Yachting Association

President, New Zealand Yachting Federation

Member representing New Zealand & Australia International Yacht Racing Union

Marine Consultant to the Cook Island Government.

Member, Auckland Regional Services Trust.

Member, Infrastructure Auckland

Capt. Harry L. Julian

Captain Harry Julian, son and Grandson, has pursued the "next generation" of the family interest, culminating in graduating with honors, BBA, and Minor in Maritime Law, from California Maritime Academy in April 2001. Although his sea time began at an early age, his first open ocean transit was at age of 12 crossing the Tasman on board the Wavepiercer, Sea Flight as crew later gaining his 100 ton(US) Captains certification at the age of 19.

2001 Graduate Bachelor of Business Administration and a Minor in Maritime Law, Open Ocean Third Mate Unlimited Tonnage.

1997-2001 California Maritime Academy Student Body Vice President(2000) and President (2001) CMA, Corp Commander First Mate Golden Bear, Captain of the Rugby Team, University Rowing Representative

1994-1997 Marine Team Ltd. Outward Bound NZ, Captain Navatek, 110 Ton Swath Vessel 350 passenger capacity, for Island Navigation, Honolulu, Hawaii, Captain Voyager Submarines, Honolulu Hawaii First Mate, Star Dancer,Honolulu, Hawaii.

1994 Graduated Punahou Academy Honolulu, Hawaii. Varsity letters in Swimming, Track and Cross Country for four years.

1988 St. Kentigern College, Auckland New Zealand, Swimming, Track and Cross Country Representative. Crew on delivery voyage of Sea Flight from Australia to Auckland.

1985-1988 St Kentigern School Rugby, Swimming, Running, Cross Country, crew for various tourist vessels, Auckland NZ.

Hilary Chaytor

As a young child, Hilary Julian has had an affinity with the water. Her involvement in the commercial interests of the Julian family, were a foundation for her later contributions to Marine Team. Hilary was a part of the administration, ticket sales and crew for the tour and ferry services of Blue Boats, Fullers and Sea Flight Cruises that comprised the many maritime interests of the Julian Family. She has since been an active part of several Film projects in which Marine Team has taken part. As Assistant Marine Coordinator for Thirteen Days and U-571, Hilary provided the anticipation of requirements needed and the communication skills of that position. Hilary is now Hilary Chaytor, married with a young family and living in London. She reamins involved with Marine Team from afar, continuing to assist and contribute on a regular basis.

Sharlan Julian

Having achieved a Bachelor of Education degree in December of 2000, Sharlan has moved from research and home based administration support, to full time location Project Management and Marine Administration, providing Marine Team with another great team member to support our international projects.