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Marine Team
Marine Team reference "..You run such a great operation on the water - it's an absolute gift to a 1st Asst Director, because you know exactly how to make it all work for the cameras. I would not dream of taking a film near the water without you." Toby Pease 1st AD, "The Pacific", "Fool's Gold", "The Thin Red Line", "Titanic". Read the entire letter and other great comments about Marine Team.

Marine Team reference "I think the biggest challenge in moviemaking is filming on the water so that was a major concern. You can spend lots of time planning everything, but in the end youíre at the mercy of the elements and things donít always go right...Luckily, we had an amazing marine coordinator named Lance Julian.Ē Donald De Line Producer, "Fool's Gold". Read the entire article and other great comments about Marine Team.

Man of Steel, The Tomb, Bullet to the Head, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
Marine Team was involved with last years release of "Bullet to the Head", the marine sequences on Zach Snyder's release of "Superman : Man of Steel", this years release of the Stallone & Scwartzenegger Action Film "Escape Plan" and "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters"
Hangover Part II

Seeking Justice
I love you Phillip Morris
Quantum of Solace
Marine Team is very excited to have completed the Marine Coordination for "Quantum of Solace" and to be part of the very successful James Bond franchise. Marine Team utilized its full complement of Marine Film Experience in support of the demanding and challenging stunt sequences in this film.

Marine Team organized Picture and Support Boats, including the high speed boat stunt sequence in the latest Bruce Wills action espionage thriller "RED" filmed in the bayous of Loauisiana.
Beyond Borders
Marine Team is very proud of our marine involvement in the iconic HBO series "The Pacific", helping to authentically recreate the historic U.S. Marine Corp landings on the islands of Guadalcanal and Peleliu.
The Guardian
Marine Team provided the Marine Coordination, Studio Wave Tank Set up and Management for this important film showcasing the danger and bravery of the USCG. This film had the added complexity of being filmed in Louisiana during the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
Marine Team was an integral part of most successful water movie of all time.
Beyond Borders
Marine Team provided the Picture and Support boats for this dramatic Angelina Jolie movie filmed in the heart of the Chao Praya River in Bangkok and the famous River Kwai
"Waterworld" is where Lance Julian & all the key members of Marine Team first met.
Marine Team provided the Marine Coordination, Studio Tank Management, Underwater Dive Support and Marine Based Accommodation for the entire Cast & Crew for this very logistically complex film which had extensive marine sequences both above and below the water.

For "K-19 The Widowmaker" Marine Team supervised the complex conversion and operation of multiple military assets, including an actual Russian Juliett class submarine.
Marine Team's early involvement in the design, construction, acquisition and operation of vessels from Ironclads to jet boats helped bring Breck Eisner's vision of Clive Cussler's best selling action packed novel to life.
Around the world in 80 Days
Marine Team provided Marine Logistics and Marine Support Equipment for this exciting Jackie Chan Feature filmed in Thailand
Thin Red Line
Marine Team coordinated the water bourne & beach landing sequences for this epic war film by Terrence Malick.
The Thomas Crown Affiar
Marine Team coordinated the exciting Formula 40 racing yachts used in "The Thomas Crown Affair".
The Beach
Marine Team's vast experience working in Thailand provided solid support in servicing these logistically challenging and exotic Island Locations.
Marine Team successfully took on the huge challenge of coordinating the construction, delivery and operations of the multiple subs and warships for this Stunt and Special Effects packed film.
Marine Team has provided the Marine Coordination, Marine Logistics and Water Transport for the Survivor Entertainment Group for Seasons 6 through 13 and assisting with 14. Due to scheduling issues, Marine Team will not be conducting the Marine Coordination for the next series of Survivor but look forward to continuing our successful relationship with Mark Burnett and Survivor Entertainment Group on future shows and other projects.
The Phantom Bridget Jones : The Edge of Reason Tora! Tora! Tora! Thirteen Days Cutthroat Island City of Angels
Six Days Seven Nights The Last Samurai The Quest Below I love you Phillip Morris Amistad
Marine Team has provided Marine Coordination and Marine Consulting for all of the above films. We invite you to look further into our website for more technical details of Marine Team's capabilities in supplying professional and complete Marine Coordinating requirements for Feature Films & TV